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Fred is very professional and knows everything about the house well. He also provided very helpful recommendations after the inspection. Highly recommended.
Where quality and dedication to detail was 1st class service. Explanation and pictures was done to show me after inspection. Yes, I would very much recommend to family and friends. Much please with their expertise. Thank you Fred!!!!
Fred knows exactly what to look for and super helpful. I just bought my first Condo and he made me feel extremely comfortable knowing what to do to maintain my place. Very little wrong with the place but showed me all the things I need to do like the outlets to keep me safe and up to date. Very glad I went with Mi Cash home inspections very well priced and very thorough. Thank you!


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We offer a wide range of home inspection services

Whether you are buying or selling a house, we will take all the guess work out and give you a concise and detailed inspection report on your existing home or on a perspective new dwelling so that you can make a sound and comfortable decision. Affordable and efficient, we strive for excellence in helping you sell or buy a home.

Complete - Detailed - Thorough inspections.

Competitive Rates.

Highly Trustworthy

Specialized tools & equipment.

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We will take notes on the condition and operation of all the components tested and all of the information will be forwarded back to you in a concise and detailed inspection report.

Buyers can take advantage of a building inspection to spot problems at an early stage to avoid costly repairs and dangerous situations down the road. A building inspection can also help the buyer to negotiate better..

Sellers can also reap the benefits of pre-sale inspection by understanding the home's issues. They can make the necessary repairs in order to sell the house for a better price.

Thermographic inspection can detect hidden defects such as water infiltration, heat loss, lack of insulation, air leaks, electrical problems, etc. Thermal imaging can save you thousands of dollars by finding and fixing problems before they seriously damage property.